Wellings modular construction process takes place in a controlled plant environment unaffected by harsh weather conditions. All projects are built with the same materials and are designed to the most up-to-date code requirements, as traditional construction, but in much less time. The panels are produced in “modules” and then assembled on-site, according to exact design and product specifications- without compromise.


At Wellings, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through technology by maximizing our raw materials and their use. Our sustainable modular building practices aim to reduce resource consumption, energy use and waste generation while maximizing the efficiency, durability, and overall environmental performance of the modular structures we produce.


Wellings Modular, at the forefront of the industry, leverages cutting-edge technology and leading software to excel in prefab modular construction for both residential and commercial framing.
Working with your design team, we will streamline the framing process from concept to delivery to ensure a more efficient, faster and cost-effective install in comparison with the traditional on-site method.


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At Wellings Communities, we are dedicated to designing and constructing residential housing for active adults aged 55 plus. As an integral part of the Wellings family, Wellings Modular prioritizes precision and efficiency while upholding the most stringent construction standards. By collaborating closely with the design team at Nautical Lands Group, we have successfully established a seamless workflow that spends from initial conception to design and final delivery and optimized the process’s efficiencies. Our current projects list includes: Wellings of Winchester, Wellings of Brockville and Wellings of Bradford.

Wellings of Winchester

Say hello to Carefreedom Living®, with the modern conveniences you expect and the comforts of home you need. Wellings of Winchester is currently operational with over 100 modular villas in a mid-century modern esthetic. Phase 1 and 2 are leased, and Phase 3 design has been altered and will now offer garages on all two-bedroom villas.

Visit the website and book a tour of the site.

Wellings of Brockville

Design and construction plans are now underway for this exciting new Community, that will include three phases. Phase one construction started in 2023 and will comprise of 42, one and two-bedroom, one-storey villas, and a community clubhouse.

Wellings of Bradford

The Bradford Community will be a 4-storey build, 72 apartments. Wellings Modular build starting Spring 2024.

397 Langford Blvd.
Bradford, ON  L3Z 0A2

Crafting Comfort, Sustaining Nature.

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Building Tomorrow

Canada is grappling with a housing crisis, with the construction sector facing shortages of materials and labour to meet project demands. The solution to these challenges, many believe, resides in modular construction, and here’s how we can make a difference. Welling’s Modular can facilitate faster construction for other builders through several means. 

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We often hear, “I’d love to take a larger job, build more homes, but I can’t find labour to get it done.”

By collaborating with Wellings Modular, your company can harness these advantages to accelerate your construction timelines, minimize risk and grow your business while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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